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CoStruct, a structural design and engineering company, provides design and fabrication solutions through space frame technology. This technology offers a number of advantages in terms of cost, flexibility, and speed of fabrication and erection.


With over 20 years of service to industry and through proven technology CoStruct has developed fast track design and construction methods using pre-engineered components from a variety of materials.CoStruct steel frame buildings have been erected all over the world with an excellent track record for design, speed of costruction and durability.


CoStruct has developed a patended system whereby an incredibly strong reticular framework can be easily constructed from a series of joints and poles to realise almost any profile and surface. Through this technology we can create a wide range of different geometeries such as domes, spheres, cylinders and flat structures with spans up to 80 metres.


At CoStruct every structure is unique. We discuss the brief and objectivies with the client and produce a design tailored to meet their every need and budget. Our design team use the ‘finite element method’ to perform the required calculations and the latest version of CAD for the production of drawings.

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