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CoStruct has developed a system of space frame that offer a number of advantages in terms of cost, flexibility and speed of fabrication and erection.
It is now possible to make an "Architects Dream" a reality through three dimensional designs. Using one of CoStruct's patented spherical joints we can realise almost any profile and surface such as flat structures, domes, spheres, cylinders with spans of up to 80 metres.

The space frame construction has attracted a wide range of uses from an architectural feature to a relocatable aircraft hangar. Depending on the application the steelwork can be enclosed with either heavy duty PVC, conventional cladding panels or glazed in a choice of materials.

A full turnkey service can be provided to include all civil works, mechanical and electrical installation and specialist access doors as required to suit the operation of the building.

All structures are designed and manufactured in accordance with British Standards and codes of practice and or their European equivalent. By adhering closely to the most stringent criteria and ensuring high standards of manufacturing are employed CoStruct produce a structure with a life expectancy of more than 30 years.

Space frame structures only apply nominal loads to the ground and therefore in the majority of cases are capable of being anchored to an existing concrete base. Their low weight and strength means that they are very resistant to seismic activity.

In constructions one of the key advantages of a space frame is their speed and low cost of erection. Following delivery of steel to site erection of the structure is normally carried out in a matter of weeks by a skilled crew using mobile platforms and a crane.

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