Space Frame technology has been used extensively in large-span construction for some 50 years as it can offer a number of advantages in terms of cost, flexibility and speed of fabrication and erection.
With advances in technology and manufacturing the use of space frames in construction is growing in popularity. It is now possible to make an ‘Architects Dream’ a reality through three-dimensional designs. Through CoStruct’s patented spherical joint, it is possible to easily realise almost any profile and surface.


At CoStruct every structure is unique. We discuss the objectives with clients and produce a design tailored to meet their needs and budget.
The initial proposal will be prepared for discussion and thereafter we will work closely with all parties involved to ensure a satisfactory solution is reached in the shortest possible timescale.
Our design team use the ‘finite element method’ to perform the required calculations and the latest version of CAD for the production of drawings.
All calculations meet the requirements of European Codes, British Standards or American equivalent.


In general, the structures are manufactured from rolled hollow steel tubes and hollow nodes in a weight and specification to be determined by our computer model.
With the uniformity of the components, fabrication can be carried out in a short period of time via just two production lines. High quality and accuracy are guaranteed by using the latest laser cutting and robotic welding techniques.
All steelwork will have a hot-dipped galvanised finish to give optimum corrosion protection and offers a guaranteed life of up to 30 years. Galvanising will be carried out after all fabrication, drilling, etc., and great care is taken when packaging for transportation.
The various components will be clearly labelled prior to transportation. The material will be loaded on trucks for European destinations or into ISO-standard containers for shipping overseas.


Space frame structures only apply nominal loads to the ground and therefore, the majority of cases are capable of being anchored to an existing concrete base. This arrangement is possible subject to a site survey and confirmation of the ground conditions.
Should foundations be required their size varies depending on the dimensions of the building and the proposed duration on site. Generally, a structure can be fixed to a concrete or steel ring beam cast either below or above the surface.
In certain circumstances where the building is only required on a temporary basis, ground anchors can be employed.
The provision of the foundations and slab is normally the responsibility of the client; however, CoStruct can advise on the dimensions for the ring beam and/ or act as the main contractor and procure all necessary works.
The lightweight and strength of space frame structures mean that they are very resistant to any seismic activity.


One of the key advantages of CoStruct buildings is the speed and low cost of erection.
Following the delivery of the steel to the site, the erection of the structure is normally carried out within a matter of weeks by a skilled crew using mobile platforms and a crane.
The construction procedure starts by securing the baseplates to the ring beam through a series of chemical anchors. Once in place, the steel poles and nodes are assembled to form a self-supporting arch. Thereafter, consecutive components are bolted together to complete the framework.

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